Saturday, December 22, 2018

Please Consider Assisting Comic-Maker Richard Rivera with his GoFundMe

Richard Rivera is of course the creator of the awesome, "Stabbity Bunny," comic-book which I've been a fan of for some time. He recently had a minor stroke and is doing okay, but requires hospitalization. Being in the hospital brings with it expenses directly related to medical needs and all the general everyday-life bills that start piling-up without a paycheck to attend to them. Rich's friend, Nathan, has begun a GoFundMe to help Rich with monetary needs so that all this talented and kind comic-maker needs to do is focusing on his recovery. I would encourage anyone who is able to donate some funds--literally any amount you can do helps.

Working in the comic-industry can make it hard for creators when a sudden big expense--such a health problem--occurs. Comics do not bring with them much of a safety net and even if our nation has a better healthcare system now that assists with people getting insurance (at least until the current administration manages to dismantle it) it still has costs, along with general life. I hope Rich can recover and get back to working on the comics he loves, and the last thing I or anyone else wants him worrying about is money. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page again, and if you are able, please do give.

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