Friday, October 19, 2018

Film Friday: The New, "Halloween," Movie That Actually Looks Good Comes Out Today

The new, "Halloween," movie that actually looks like it won't suck is coming out today. It ignores every movie except the first (which is the only great one, although the 3rd which is basically wholly removed from the series has its charms) and the director of the original (along with other classic films) John Carpenter was impressed enough by it he was willing to serve as a producer and make some music for it. He's not directing as he doesn't want to direct anymore he has said, stating he'd rather spend his 70's jamming at concerts, watching basketball and playing video-games like, "Fallout 4." Most buzz has been positive and Jamie Lee Curtis reprises the role she played 40 years ago for the series (she's come back other times too, but again, those don't count this go-around) which is snazzy as she is a stellar actress. I hope to check it out at some point while its in theaters or to be sure to rent it on DVD/streaming/whatever technology we all use these days. If anyone sees it do please tell me what you think so I know how excited to be/not be for when I view it.

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