Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Television Tuesday: "Great Day Saint Louis," is Stellar

You all know the stereotype about those local morning shows in various regions. The kind that go, "Wake Up [Area Name]," or, "Good Morning [Area Name]," and exist nation-wide. The idea is that they tend to be hokey, silly, or not worth watching. Well, I'm happy to say that, "Great Day Saint Louis," defies this cliche by being a really good morning show I love. On KMOV (a CBS affiliate), there are generally three hosts (although sometimes one is off or on an assignment): Kent Ehrhard, Laura Hettiger, and Matt Chambers, if one is listing them in alphabetical order by first name, although they are all equally delightful. Kent, Laura, and Matt do the show with a mixture of good humor, sincerity, and good-natured sarcasm that makes it stellar.

One other stereotype of these morning shows is that the hosts are oblivious to when something is silly or dumb, but this crew is fully cognizant of when they do something absurd, having a self-awareness about the more silly news stories or segments they discuss that makes everything all the more enjoyable. The show runs an hour from 9AM-10AM Central Time on Monday through Friday and has all the usual stuff from local news to national stuff, weather forecasts, and occasional cooking segments, movie reviews, etc. They work a lot of content into the show and I always am eager to hear their take on everything from local to world events. If you live in the viewing area I would encourage you to tune-in to, "Great Day Saint Louis," and if not you can always watch fun clips of their segments on their website. The only thing that would make the show greater is if someday my blog gets big enough they bring me on to talk about popular-culture subjects like some kind of expert (which I'd never claim to be, but I am pretty nerdy, something Matt and I have in common  based on how excited he gets about comic-books too).

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