Thursday, October 4, 2018

"High Hopes," by Panic At the Disco Is Oddly Catchy

When I was younger/in my teens I absolutely hated the band known as, "Panic at the Disco." Their debut album, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," would be played all day by my sister, with many songs repeating at least 5 times before she went on to the next one. As my room was next to hers in my folk's house and she blared it at an absurd volume it was a personal Hell that could drive anyone insane. Anytime I would hear the lyrics, "I chime in..." my body would instantly want to curl-up into a fetal position. Therefore, color me surprised that their latest song, "High Hopes," is one that I actually...enjoy?

"High Hopes," with its mixture of enthusiastic singing, spiffy horns, and quick-moving melody is quite the toe-tapper. As the music video up above shows, there is just something about its high-octane sound and positive energy I find oddly catchy. I am just pleased that, "Panic at the Disco," now has a song I can enjoy as opposed to having flashbacks to screaming at my sister to turn her music down.

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