Friday, October 26, 2018

Megyn Kelly Actually Got Fired From/Left the, "Today Show."

I was just discussing Wednesday how much I didn't care for Megyn Kelly as a person or as someone dragging-down the, "Today Show." I made that post as her ignorant comments on blackface being, "Okay for Halloween," in her mind astounded me. Well, it is now late Friday and as the past few days have shown I guess NBC was eager to have an excuse to get Megyn Kelly off the air as she's gone from the, "Today Show," and may very well have her 69 million dollar contract bought-out by NBC to simply go far, far away. I don't feel sorry for Kelly--after all, she'll possibly be getting 69 million smackers to simply not work anymore--but I do have some sympathy for the rest of the, "Today Show," staff that maybe will have to act a little sad she's departing even though all the scuttlebutt I ever read indicated nobody liked her much.

Personally, I think NBC needs to go and grovel to Tamron Hall to please come back, because man do I miss her (while they're at it, Ann Curry is still well overdue an apology as well). This article from the, "New York Times," helps sum-up what a wild week it was. I have fallen in love with, "Great Day Saint Louis," which runs at the same time so I'll most likely tape the 3rd hour when it starts-up Monday without Megyn Kelly--I am curious to see what it will be like for sure.

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