Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Any Comic With Spider-Man AND Batroc The Leaper Is A Winner In My Book--Heroes For Hire #6

Heroes For Hire #6
This has been a pretty enjoyable series so far. It has served as a way to bring in lesser-known characters who are "hired" by Misty Knight to do various tasks and gives the book and excuse to let characters flit in and out of the book. There was of course the big twist that the Puppet Master was in fact orchestrating this, but since breaking free of him last issue Misty is now doing the whole "Heroes For Hire" business legitimately with the help of Paladin.  It makes for some fun reading.

Paladin and Misty have a pretty good chemistry and when Spider-Man comes in the distaste Paladin has for the web-head is quite humorous. The infamous Batroc The Leaper also appears and while Misty Knight mocks him relentlessly (as he somewhat deserves), Paladin also points out that the man has got some skills. The fun and snappy dialogue used by Spider-Man and Paladin works well in this action-packed issue of Misty's team chasing down some crooks dealing in a drug from Atlantis known as "hook".
This has been a very solid series so far and I continue to enjoy it. There are the issue-to-issue plots but an over-arching storyline has been taking place in just who was ordering the Puppet Master around, who is behind the drug shipments that Misty's been tracking since the first issue, and is Paladin will ever get the nerve to tell Misty how he feels about her. This mixture of short-term and long-term plots works well and makes for some good entertainment.
4 out of 5 stars.

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