Monday, May 30, 2011

Why I'm Not Reading Avengers After Fear Itself AKA Avengers Staying $3.99 With 22 Pages

Comic Book Resources does this thing where they talk with Marvel big-wig Tom Breevort and I usually skim the interview and look at the pretty art he brings, but don't read much. However, Bleeding Cool has pointed out something I missed, namely a fact about comic book pricing. You see, Marvel has this comic called the Avengers which has been 22 pages each issue but included this extra stuff called, "Oral History Of The Avengers", or something I didn't bother reading. The comic was $3.99 but I figured this was maybe because it had tacked on this extra stuff, and after it finished the comic would either go down in price or add something else more interesting, but not stay at $3.99 as Marvel would want to compete with DC and their new plan of keeping most sutff at $2.99 right? Well, I was wrong, Marvel is going to charge $3.99 for Avengers, 22 pages for a comic that I sort of enjoy but not enough that I am going to pay $3.99 for it. Therefore, once its tie-in with "Fear Itself" ends, I'm done with it too.

Now, I will be staying on New Avengers because I love me some Luke Cage, but even that is tenuous. Other $3.99 comics I will look at on a per-comic basis just as I do $2.99 comics--but keep in mind that if something is a dollar extra, I'm going to be quite a bit extra picky in my judgement of if I should be buying it. I enjoy Avengers enough to maybe pay $2.99 for it, but $3.99? I guess we are going to have to part ways.

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