Friday, May 13, 2011

Interview Time--Kevin Rubio

 To go with my review of “Abyss: Family Issues #2-3” that I have posted today I also have a review with writer Kevin Rubio I conducted recently discussing the series and his work in comics.

1. How did you first get involved with comics?

 Dark Horse offered me a short story in their Star Wars anthology series because they were fans of TROOPS. It was well received so they offered me more and finally an opportunity to write my own series – “Tag & Bink”

2.Where did you come up with the initial idea for the Abyss series, with the child of the super-villain making good for the sins of the father?

It was a restructured idea I had pitched and which had been turned down by Cartoon Network. They were looking for a companion piece for Ben 10 back in 2003. Like Ben 10 they wanted a proven formula that was, "slightly twisted on its side." The original Ben 10 was just "Captain Marvel” (right down to the traveling motor home) but instead of turning into 1 superhero, he turned into 10...and unlike Cap, Ben could not control them. So I pitched Harry Osborn as a good guy, but no hero would trust him and he would sometimes have doubts about being a hero and want to try the evil gig. CN Atlanta did not like the moral ambiguity of the character, even though CN LA loved it. In the end they passed and Red 5 picked it up. The BIG change -- Paul wanted it to be funny, so I made it a comedy.

3.You work in a lot of fun comic-references and in-jokes that eagle-eyed readers can catch, it shows your love of comics and is quite fun. I noticed some obvious ones, such as an X-Men reference in issue 2, a super-man reference in issue 3, etc. but what are some more obscure easter-eggs I may have missed?

The license plate on Greg's truck in issue 3, Raifer's prison number in issue 2, "ATOZ" is a Star Trek Reference, The Six Million Dollar Man in issue 3, If you live in San Francisco, any street named is accurate, Prince Namor in issue 2, Lantern's Playing Poker in issue 2, Diana Prince and Lois Lane's latest books in issue 2, ME in issue 1 (my signature at least) Blair's fraternity (AKA: Also Known As) The moto was suppose to be printed above the door but it was left out by the artist. the moto is: "per ullus alius nomen" (by any other name) Guy Fawkes in issue 3...there's more but I've pretty much given you the vast hard-to-find chunk.

4. How is it working with Red 5 comics?


5. Will there be more Abyss stories in the future? If so, will we hopefully not have to wait too long for them?

That's up to sales, SO BUY THE COMIC & THE TPB!!!! I have at least 2 more arcs.

6.In issue #2 I liked the discussion of the super-hero always having to be "on" and ready, whereas the super-villain can have an outside life, not having to always be reactionary. Its an interesting concept and I was wondering where you came up with that piece of dialogue.

I'm fortunate enough to now know the character's voices. In this case I just placed the two of them in a room (Eric and Raifer) and listened to them talk while I took dictation. So as corny as it sounds, I got the idea from Raifer. He is quite witty.

7.Issue #3 contained an extensive flashback that essentially explained the origin of Abyss. Will future series potentially explore this back-story further?

There's a back story on Gale Force AKA Andrea Gale and the Super Six, and there's one on Arrow and all of his sidekicks. There are more aspects of Abyss I (Raifer) but that's pretty much the backstory.

8. What other projects are you currently working on you would like to discuss?

The new CG animated Green Lantern series. I'm one of the many talented writers. It's gonna ROCK!

Time For Some Rapid-Fire Questions:

9. Marvel or DC?

Both have on occasion paid me very well.

10. Batman or Superman?


11. Favorite single issue of a comic?

Superman VS Muhammad Ali.

12. Favorite comic writer?

I have too many friends who write comics -- next.

13. Favorite comic artist?

See above.

14.Favorite comic-related movie?
Superman: The Movie

Many Thanks to Kevin Rubio for taking the time out to do an interview!

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