Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is The Newest Rant--We/I Have A Tumblr Now.

This is The Newest Rant. There also is now a Newest Rant Tumblr account known as, "The Newest Rant Random Junk Depository." You may wonder why it exists when there is this perfectly fine blog. Well, think of it as a sister site. This blog is the well organized one with thoughtful posts, that is the one for random stuff to be dumped, be it images, music, or whatever else works. I will have a new segment there call Imirages which are the words images and mirages put together because I think that is fun. So yeah, this is the upper-part of the brain, all refined and smart, (NOW A DEAD LINK) is the lower part of the brain. Primal, scary, and raw. Plus it will probably get updated less.

The tumblr is dead, it was a misguided effort.

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