Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Really Hope This Is For Real

Isaiah Mustafa has always been vocal about how much he would love to play Luke Cage. Marvel has always been saying they would be interested in doing a Luke Cage movie but never seems to be going anywhere with it. Now suddenly this pops up on the internet:

God, I am very nonreligious but do believe you exist, and I pretty much only pray to you once every three years, but please, dear God please have this be something real or have it grow into something real and not just be a little joke teaser that Mustafa made with his money from doing the Old Spice ads--or even worse, something Old Spice helped fund. A Luke Cage movie with anyone as the lead would be awesome, and the Old Spice guy could even work as he kind of actually fits the role pretty well with his weird mixture of charm and strength. No one else on the internet knows what to make of this, hopefully it turns out to be something good.

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