Friday, November 13, 2020

The, "Grumpy Cat Awful-ly-Big Comics Collection," is a Delightful Omnibus of Fun!

I was always a big fan of Tardar Sauce, or as she was better known, Grumpy Cat. Even if she actually wasn't that grumpy and it was just her facial composition, she was a great little kitty. Her first comic collection was the first book to ever, "Blurb," me, and I was genuinely sad when she passed. Well, comic publisher Abalze is now set to release an omnibus collecting all of Grumpy Cat's wonderful comics due in January of 2021 as well as a tribute book about GC later next year as well. Due to my being a huge lover of all things Grumpy Cat I requested and was able to acquire a digital copy of the omnibus for the purposes of review. I'm pleased I was able to get it, as this was a delight to read!

I loved revisiting the, "Grumpy Cat," comics I had read in the past as well as tales which I'd missed when I happened to forget to pick up some later mini-series with GC. There is an assortment of stories starring GC as well as her brother, Pokey, and other fun characters. There isn't an over-arching plot so much as a series of vignettes focused on how Grumpy tackles challenges from a mysterious treasure map, to being a superhero, visiting a comic-convention, or dealing with the concept of--shudder--love!

An assortment of stellar writers contribute tales, with some doing multiple stories such as some great yarns by Ben McCool and Ben Fisher standing-out anytime they tackle a tale--and as this is an omnibus, there is a ton of great GC content to indulge in! The artwork in every story with a wide range of artists is gorgeous as well, with Ken Haeser being one artist who pops-up multiple times in the omnibus and always gives us a perfect GC with that mixture of disdain and vague bemusement at the World. Between the fantastic writing and amazing art, this omnibus is jam-packed with Grumpy Cat goodness, in other words!

When it comes out in January the, "Grumpy Cat Awful-ly-Big Comics Collection," will be required reading for anyone who loves fun comics, adorable kitties, or still holds Grumpy Cat in their heart. Rereading the stories I recalled and discovering the ones that were new to me was a real treat. I thank Ablaze for being willing to provide me with an advance digital copy for the purposes of review and encourage you to preorder a copy of the omnibus from your comic shop/bookstore/request your library get it. Grumpy Cat may no longer be with us, but through these wonderful comics, she will live on forever!

5 out of 5 stars.

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