Sunday, November 15, 2020

I'm Here for a, "Painkiller," Spin-off of, "Black Lightning," For Sure

I don't really watch any of the CW superhero-focused shows with one big exception in the form of the incredible, "Black Lightning." The character, created by Tony Isabella (and originally drawn by Trevor Von Eeden), has made for some incredible television thanks to great writing and a stellar cast. I can't get enough, "Black Lightning," so hearing there may be a spin-off focused on the character of Painkiller (also created by Isabella with Eddie Newell) via what's called a, "Backdoor pilot," gets me very excited! Plus, Tony and Trevor are great guys (full disclosure: I'm friends with both on Facebook) so anything that helps them get more royalty checks is rad. Now I just have to wait a bit longer for the next season of, "Black Lightning," to actually kick-off, what with everything being delayed currently due to the--you know--COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the planet.

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