Sunday, November 1, 2020

Reminder: You Don't Always, "Own," Digital Content

When we buy something we consider ourselves owners of it. That gets a little questionable when it comes to digital content, however. A recent lawsuit with Amazon has them saying even if you buy something you don't actually own it, you have a license to view it they can revoke at any time. Even if you purchased a whole season of something digitally, it could be taken away at any moment. There have been similar fights over the rights to games bought digitally, music, books, all that. Basically, my suggestion is if you can download a copy of something you won digitally then you should do so in order to at least have something that can't suddenly disappear from a server. That, or you can always buy a physical copy of something even if that sounds old-school to you young folk. No internet server can take away your stack of DVDs or books, after all.

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