Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dove Shows Support for Breast Cancer Survivors in a New Ad

I recently saw a Dove ad that apparently started airing over the Summer. It was about, "Skin stories," and had a variety of women with different body types featured as Dove talked about its body wash. Then one thing caught my eye, a woman appeared in the ad who opened her robe and had a double mastectomy scar. The ad did not try to blur this out or act like it was shameful, it was just simply her skin story. I did some Googling and that woman was named Juliet and a cancer survivor. I found articles by those who appreciated the ad, and as with anything, people perturbed for one reason or another. I just applaud Dove for partnering with Juliet and her being comfortable with her body after everything she has gone through to share her story with us.

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