Thursday, November 12, 2020

Reviews of McDonald's New Bakery Options

I am a fan of McDonald's even if I am trying to eat it less. That said, on a few different occasions, I tried one of the three new bakery options until I had sampled all three. It was a big announcement when these bakery goods were added and now I have tried them. There is a clear tasty winner and one really nasty loser.

Cinnamon Roll

The cinnamon roll is kind of new, but also not. We've had cinna-melts around for some time as a breakfast-only option, but as you can get these baked items at any time, that's a step-up right? Well, this new cinnamon roll is perfectly okay, but lacks much to make you go, "Wow." The bread itself is good, but the frosting leaves much to be desired.

Apple Fritter

Now, this more like it. Dense, with a nice chew. A delicious frosting. Those two things combine to give us a really tasty treat. Fritters sometimes can taste a little over-fried and oily, but this one doesn't. I liked it so much I've had two now (on separate occasions), and each time it pleased me greatly.

Blueberry Muffin

What. The. Hell. How do you screw-up a blueberry muffin? The streusel topping is reminiscent of cardboard with some sugar on top. Getting into the muffin itself wasn't much better. The chew of the muffin's interior felt like I was biting into something that had been frozen, dethawed, frozen again, and then only partially dethawed. As for the actual flavor, I would rather drink the blueberry syrup used in sno cones straight from the bottle than deal with how artificial the blueberries tasted again.

Winners and Losers

To summarize all of this, the apple fritter is excellent, the cinnamon roll is mediocre-but-okay, and the blueberry muffin needs to be banished back to the Hell from whence it came. Thank you for reading my review of McDonald's bakery options. Clearly, I am a pro at creating hard-hitting news.

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