Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Main Street Creamery in Wildwood is Delicious!

Today is what folk know as, "Small Business Saturday." I actually went for the first time to a local small business and got some ice cream to go as Samii and I had a hankering for something sweet. I went to Main Street Creamery and it was wonderful!

I arrived around dinnertime so I was there before any post-dinner visitors. The employees there were very nice and I enjoyed examining the menu with the really cool specialty milkshakes as well as cones with decorations on them referred to as, "Unicorn horns," and used for certain shakes.

There was a wide array of ice cream and other sweet treats to pick and I got a pint of vanilla ice cream for us as well as a piece of apple pie for Samii. I also purchased the Cowboy Milkshake which was a Butterfinger ice cream with caramel and donut mixed in. It was delicious! If you ever happen to be in Wildwood or near their original location in Washington, Missouri, then I would recommend going to the Main Street Creamery for sure!

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