Saturday, November 14, 2020

Nobody Can Agree On What the Lyrics to, "Watermelon Sugar," Mean

I like Harry Styles. He has a good singing voice, was funny when he hosted and sang on Saturday Night Live, and otherwise seems pleasant. Everyone is a little mad at him, however, for refusing to share what the Hell the lyrics to, "Watermelon Sugar," are about. The most Styles has revealed is that it is about the initial euphoria of dating someone, but that's it. This has led to all kinds of theories. There are the usual ideas that it is all about sex and that the whole song is raunchy. This is a popular go-to theory with unclear lyrics, just look at, "Louie Louie." Some are convinced the lyrics are drug references coded as being about a watermelon sugar high. Perhaps it is just about kissing? There is no right or wrong answer, just conjecture. I myself don't mind the mystery. As someone who enjoys eating actual watermelon, I'll just assume it is literally about enjoying some watermelon on a nice day in a perfectly innocent manner.

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