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2015 In Review/Film Friday(On a Saturday)--Best Movies I Still Need to See

Many, Many Movies
2015 has been a good year for movies. It has been a somewhat bad year for me making the time to see all the ones I want to see. Therefore, this is quite the meaty list I have now of movies which came out in 2015 I would like to watch, but haven't. Note that some of these movies may not even be that good, but I want to view them for some reason or another, and hope to sometime in 2016 (or maybe one or two in this last week of 2015). To qualify for this list it has to be a movie that came out in theaters, as once we start adding Netflix specials or Direct-to-DVD flicks that are worth viewing this list becomes unmanageable and even more huge. Here is my list, in alphabetical order!

The Best Movies of 2015 (That I Still Need to See)
Beasts of No Nation
This was a Netflix movie but also premiered in theaters so I'm saying it can be on the list. An apparently difficult and complex story about children soldiers in Africa, this sounds like a film that will be hard to watch, but rewarding. Plus, it has the stellar Idris Elba!
Black Mass
This movie is also known as, "Johnny Depp makes up for Mortdecai, but still gets to morph his appearance." Yes, this is another flick where Depp dons elaborate outfits and wears a ton of makeup, but it is in the service of him playing the infamous Whitey Bulger. This movie sounds intriguing in its recording of Bulger's strange life, and I'm eager to watch Depp in a serious role--something which he excels at as much as his lately better-known comedic characters (Jack Sparrow, and etc.).
Bridge of Spies
Steven Spielberg teams up with Tom Hanks, that's a recipe that can't fail (let's ignore, "The Terminal," please)! For real though, this sounds like quite the interesting historical drama that I believe is loosely based on some real events.
A drama about love between two women back in the 1950's when being gay could put your life in immense danger. I'm a fan of Cate Blanchett so that is the main reason I would see this, with reviews saying she delivers, "A spellbinding central performance."
One reason I am a fan of Spike Lee is that whether his movies are hits or misses he always has a statement he wants to make, and every movie he creates makes that statement. Sure sometimes it is an unneeded remake ("Oldboy") but other times it is something masterful ("Inside Man"). I've heard a lot of mixed things about, "Chi-Raq," but considering the cast and how even a mediocre Spike Lee movie tends to be better than many, "Good," movies I'm eager to see, "Chi-Raq."
Ryan Coogler is a stellar director and Michael B. Jordan is a great actor--they've worked together before on, "Fruitvale Station," and bringing talented individuals such as themselves on for a film in the, "Rocky," Universe sounds like an idea just strange enough it might work. Well, work it did with, "Creed," apparently being a superb film about family legacies and how they shape us--with Sylvester Stallone reprising his role as Rocky Balboa to cement that idea.
A young man obsessed with 1990's Hip-Hop culture finds himself embroiled in a bunch of trouble and in the process learns a valuable lesson about being himself. It sound a little corny, but I like the sound of a coming-of-age story without all the angst and drama that these movies sometimes have.
Ex Machina
Called the sci-fi movie of year by many (although another film on my list has been deemed that by folk too), this yarn about artificial intelligence and what happens when we make our computers possibly too smart looks fascinating. 
Fifty Shades of Grey
I know, I know. This is apparently a terrible movie based on an awful book that makes the BDSM community look bad, but I like some of the cast and wonder just how bad it could be. I mean, I know it'll be atrocious, but maybe there is some redeeming value?
The Gift
This looks like quite the tense thriller with hints of some secrets being held by both characters, and it being a case where it is not necessarily clear-cut who is a good guy and a bad guy.
The Good Dinosaur
All I know about this is that its a Pixar movie set in a world where dinosaurs survived and humans evolved to the point of being able to hang-out with them. The Pixar pedigree makes me think I don't need to know too much more to want to see this.
Growing-up I adored the, "Goosebumps," books so much, so seeing a movie that uses them as an inspiration in some form or fashion seems like a fun concept.
The Hateful Eight
I love the movies of Quentin Tarantino, and with a cast like this I'm eager to see what the movie has in store.
Inside Out
As I discussed above, Pixar makes great films. After seeing the reviews for, "Inside Out," it seems like it is a quality piece of movie-making.
Jem and the Holograms
I heard this was bad, it had one of the worse box-office openings ever, and even the preview for it looked stupid, but I loved the 1980's cartoon so much when I was little (I would watch VHS tapes of it) that a part of me wonders just how badly this movie messed it up.
Jupiter Ascending
Another movie that I heard had a lot of problems, but this looks too weird to pass on.
Mad Max: Fury Road
Considered by many to be not only the best sci-fi movie this year, but possibly best movie of the year, period. Hearing so many people gush about it makes me a little embarrassed I still haven't had the chance to see this.
The Martian
Matt Damon, abandoned on Mars. It has humor (apparently enough for the Golden Globes to call it a comedy), drama, and science-fun! I'm down.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise is more bearable when he either plays-up the fact that people think he is a jerk in real-life and can act it out in movies (see my review of "Edge of Tomorrow," for some discussion of that) or when he is part of a big ensemble cast wherein a variety of personalities can shine. I've always enjoyed the, "Mission Impossible," films and find they are unique in that as a series they actually seem to get better and better with each installment.
San Andreas
Because sometimes you just want to watch a fun disaster movie, and if it stars Dwayne, "The Rock," Johnson doing his usual likeable-guy performance, then that's all the better.
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
This is quite simply going to make all the money, because folk from young to old want to see it. Even though I was already exposed to some spoilers online I still am eager to take-in the next era of the saga.
Straight Outta Compton
I love rap, especially the kind from the 1990's. N.W.A. of course played a large role in what we heard coming out of the Hip-Hop scene in those earlier years of that last decade of the century, so I'd be eager to see this.
Terminator: Genisys
Even though this new one apparently sucks, I have enjoyed the older entries in this series and even, "Salvation," had some good moments. I just kind of feel obligated to see this more than anything else.
The Visit
The flick where M. Night Shyamalan proved he still could make good movies. I'll even forgive its utilization of the over-used, "Found footage," motif far too many films engage in now because apparently he uses it in a clever enough way, and with a good dash of humor, that it works out for the best.
The Walk
The amazingly true story about Philippe Petit, who walked a high-wire between the World Trade Towers in 1974, this movie looks as impressive as it does disorienting for anyone with a fear of heights.

That's a Lot!
Clearly I have a lot of movies I need to find the time to watch. Between these and all the television shows, books, and other forms of entertainment I want to take in I clearly need to find more time!

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