Sunday, May 1, 2022

The ToyMan Show of May 2022 Was a Delight!

I was unable to attend the last ToyMan Show in March so I was extra eager to swing by the one today that kicked off May! I started the show by chatting with my friend John Chaffe of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles as well as my good chum Spike from Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles. I ran into Vince of VK Toys and got to see Tom of Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games. Larry of Bug's Comics and Games had a ton of great stuff for sale as well. After chatting with my friend Tim Metzger at his spot I got a great deal on some comics from Dustin White and Tamara Gassert at their booth. Check out my finds:

That beat-up, "Moon Knight," #1 was just ten dollars and I can't say no to a Moon Knight comic! In the upstairs area I saw the good folks from Heroes for Kids from Perryville and Lindsay Hornsy was selling her awesome books from the Mega Giganto imprint. I chatted with creators and friends Jennifer Stolzer and Jessica Mathews about how Planet Comic-Con was (it happened recently and I didn't have the time to attend). I also picked up the latest book from them, "The Old Man and the Pirate Princess Meet a Magical Menace." It just came out and I am excited to read it to Clarkson! Give it a look:

The ToyMan Show is always incredible fun. If I were to ever offer a, "Complaint," about the show it would be how there is just so much stuff that you could never have enough time to check out all the awesome things for sale! Between the new toys, vintage toys, Funko products, Lego, comics, movies, model kits, and more it is just a show that is jam-packed with great items! You can visit the show's website here and start planning for the next one on July 10th of 2022!

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