Tuesday, March 8, 2022

I Won't Be at ToyMan This Sunday, But You Should Still Go!

I will be unable to attend the upcoming ToyMan show on Sunday, March 13th, 2022. I'll be up late judging a trivia night on the 12th so I won't have the energy to attend ToyMan early and have a number of things the afternoon of the 13th so I'll have to miss the show. I don't mind as there will be another one May 1st I eagerly plan to attend. That said, even if I won't be at the ToyMan show on March 13th, you should still go for sure! I always have fun there and find something cool. It is the show most packed with neat stuff I've ever attended. Whether you're after new toys, antique toys, comics, diecast cars, Lego, Funko, video games, DVDs, vinyl records, posters, or anything else snazzy you can think of, ToyMan probably has someone selling it. Check it out this Sunday and while I won't see you this time, I'll be there at the next one!

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