Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Christopher Priest to Write a New, "Black Adam," Series

I often discuss how I am a fan of Christopher Priest's writing. He has the ability to take a character I enjoy and make them even better (Black Panther), and can take a character I don't normally care much about and give us an amazing story about them (Deathstroke, Vampirella). Now he will be doing a Black Adam series with artist Rafa Sandoval (Irvin Rodriguez will be providing amazing covers). 

Knowing Priest is writing this has me already sold without knowing anything else about the plot, but if you're wondering what the hook is besides Priest's writing, it seems Black Adam may be dying. He has an, "Incurable plague," and tries to transfer his powers to someone else, only to find himself, 'Handcuffed," to them. Sounds a little like another previous Priest classic, "Quantum and Woody," so I look forward to it. The first issue's tentative release date is June 21st of this year. I'll be getting myself a copy for sure!

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