Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I Suspect the Song, "Sweetest Pie," is Not Actually About Pie

You know I find the evolution of dirty lyrics fascinating. I did a report in high school about controversial music and the efforts to censor lyrics judged, "Explicit," due to swearing, sexual content, or being political in a way that rubbed folks the wrong way (e.g. the song, "Fuck Tha Police," to give an example). A few years ago I wrote about how it was interesting to see the evolution of raunchy lyrics from 2 Live Crew to rappers such as City Girls. Little did I suspect that we would get a song like, "WAP," which is literally about females getting super aroused to the point where a, "Bucket and a mop," is needed to wipe up all the wetness of the genitals. A song like, "Me So Horny," is now incredibly tame compared to, "WAP," or even a new song that at first, I thought was about baked goods but quickly realized was definitely not.

"Sweetest Pie," at first blush seems to be about a really sweet treat that Dua Lipa is presenting to a gentleman when she begins singing the song. Certain lyrics make it clear that this pie is not a literal one, however, and by the time Megan Thee Stallion starts rapping any idea this pie is innocent is thrown out the window. The musical scholar in me just finds all this fascinating to think how outraged people were at the simple statement by some gents that they were horny and how tame that is compared to these ladies going in-depth about having some pie that obviously is a stand-in for the Vulva. Here's the music video which is not really safe for work at all, just so you know:

It continues to also be interesting as we see more women proudly proclaiming their sexuality and swatting away at any haters who dare to slut-shame them. Decades ago it just seemed to be the guys who rapped dirty lyrics (with the exception of notable trailblazer ladies, because we need to give credit where credit is due), but now men and women spit bars that can make listeners both nod their heads along and blush a bit. Whether it is Too Short with, "Freaky Tales," or Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion with, "WAP," or now Dua Lipa and Mega Thee Stallion with, "Sweetest Pie," dirty lyrics keep evolving.

Oh, and I'm aware I'm pretty much just talking about pop and rap. I don't know rock or country as well so I can't comment about those with nearly as much knowledge. I'd more than welcome comments about dirty lyrics and how they've changed in rock and country should anyone have some insight.

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