Sunday, March 6, 2022

DC Comics Moving Their Offices Again, Albeit Less Far

Some years ago DC Comics moved their offices from New York City to California. It resulted in some people leaving the company and brought us the two-month event, "Convergence," which took the place of all other DC Comics, allowing time for everything to be moved. Now, DC is moving offices again, albeit it is a smaller move. As Heidi MacDonald of Comicsbeat reports...

"DC Comics is moving from its purpose-built offices in the building known as The Pointe in Burbank to new facilities. The new building is designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry and is already a landmark looming over the I134 freeway – earning it the nickname, 'The Iceberg.' Although some have reported that DC is moving to the Warner Media lot, it absolutely is not, although the lot proper is not too far away, and the Iceberg is located in the heart of the WB/Disney media district in Burbank, and not far as the crow flies from The Pointe."

This is a much smaller-scale change of scenery, in other words. That above-linked article by Macdonald makes it clear opinions are mixed about the move, however. Meanwhile, Marvel's comic division at least is still in New York City with no immediate plans to move.

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