Saturday, March 5, 2022

Bandcamp Has Been Bought by Epic Games

In news that I didn't see coming, Bandcamp--the platform for indie music artists beloved by many--has been bought out by Epic Games, of all companies. Epic Games makes, well, games. They've created everything from, "Unreal," to, "Fortnite," and many games in between those big ones. Now they shall be the owners of Bandcamp in a somewhat strange union. Did Bandcamp sell out? Is this actually a good thing that will help it grow as long as Epic simply wants to be about, "More than games," but let Bandcamp be mostly independent in how it is run? I like Bandcamp and have done posts spotlighting music on the platform (I haven't done one for a bit and should rectify that). I really hope Bandcamp will still be awesome with these changes. We shall see.

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