Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Fan Expo for Saint Louis is a Bit More Than a Week Away

Fan Expo Saint Louis will run from Friday, May 13th of 2022 to Sunday, May 15th. Formerly known as Wizard World, I went to plenty of those and had a lot of fun. Therefore, I am eager to attend the Fan Expo in a bit more than a week! There are going to be so, so many celebrities at the show. From Ron Perlman to Michael Rooker, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes to Billy West and Charles Martinet, it is going to be quite the event! I didn't even name all the folks in attendance just then either. We've got a bunch of the cast of, "Smallville," Carl Weathers, Luci Christian, Nolan North, and the list goes on! 

It isn't just celebrities at the show, of course, there will be vendors of comics, toys, video-games, and other goodies as well as gaming, cosplay, panels, and plenty of fun. I am excited to attend and hope to see some of you all there!

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