Thursday, July 1, 2021

"Zig Zag," by Will Sweeney is a Wild and Trippy Comic

Will Sweeney has contributed some amazing psychedelic art to a number of publications I'd enjoyed reading ("Kramer's Ergot," comes to mind) and when I saw he was putting out a one-shot titled, "Zig Zag," I was quite interested. Published by Fantagraphics, I can say having read, "Zig Zag," a number of times I'm still not exactly sure what I read, but it is quite wild. There are weird robotic troopers, strange fungal things, and it's just so odd but quite gorgeous and fun.

The colors are bright, immersive, and the silent story we witness is full of strange layers as humanoid-ish characters embark on a strange multi-dimensional adventure. Each page is a feast for the eyes and even if the, "Story," left me scratching my head I love looking at this big ol' comic (it is more like a magazine-size than a standard comic). If you're into the alternative comic scene this is a real treat.

5 out of 5 stars.

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