Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Smiley Indoor Playground And Arcade in Indianapolis is Fantastic!

I've put up some posts about various places I had the chance to stop when we visited my family in Upstate New York. I stopped by an assortment of comic stores, we stayed at a Tru hotel, and we also stopped in Indianapolis and visited a really cool play center. Known as the, "Smiley Indoor Playground and Arcade," it is a bit like a Chuck E. Cheese combined with a big snazzy play area and it is all geared towards 10-and-under-age kids.

We discovered this Simley Center while looking up cool things to do in the region while we were heading through and lots of positive stuff had been written about. You can buy cards you load with funds and swipe to play in the arcade (which has a fun assortment of games that award digital tickets). You can buy time in hour allotments for the massive playground. The playground is fantastic. One segment is basically a massive (oft-sanitized)  ball pit full of stuff to play on and another has trampolines, obstacles, and it is wild to witness. There are big video screens kids can interact with as well and some spots with assorted toys and Lego-style blocks to use for building.

There is a cafe with a surprisingly detailed menu (not just pizza and wings, but pretzels, fried fish, fries, and more are available) and it all actually tastes quite good. We loved visiting the Smiley Indoor Playground and Arcade, it was immense fun for Clarkson and us! He had a stellar time climbing, jumping, and navigating everything. If you get out to Indianapolis and have some small children (or those of any age are welcome in the arcade area) give the Smiley Center a visit!

5 out of 5 stars.

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