Monday, October 21, 2019

The Trailer For, "Bloodshot," Has Me Cautiously Optimistic

As can be seen above there is a new trailer for the movie, "Bloodshot," which features Vin Diesel as the titular nano-cyborg hero. Fuss about what it might end up being rated aside, it looks like a flick that is not ground-breaking, but seems kind of interesting. It has Vin Diesel as the hero who is killed and brought-back from the dead to be a super-soldier, but first he wants to avenge his family. The thing is, he maybe is not actually disobeying orders to kill the people who murdered his family, his memories are being fiddled with so that he actually does whatever a clearly evil corporation wants him to do.

This all has a bit of a, "Memento," style-vibe (which the Director, David Wilson, wholly owns up-to) which is funny as none other than Guy Pearce is here as the man who most likely is going to turn-out to be a big villain. I always think movies benefit from having more Guy Pearce so I'm pleased he's in this, and I also have no strong feelings about Vin Diesel whom is a man people seem to either love or absolutely despise (he's perfectly okay, is my opinion). Basically with, "Bloodshot," we get a wild action movie full of crazy special effects and big explosions plus some potentially interesting and trippy memory-alteration scenes. This is either going to inexplicably be a big hit or absolutely bomb, there is probably no in-between. Should it do well however, expect more movies featuring characters owned by the comic Publisher Valiant, I'm sure they're chomping at the bit to make a crazy martial arts movie with Ninjak.

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