Friday, October 4, 2019

Al Ewing Writing, "Guardians of the Galaxy," Perked My Ears Up

New York Comic-Con/NYCC 2019 officially kicked-off yesterday and has been proceeding along swimmingly (I assume, I am not there). There has not been anything announced or revealed that has really made me go, "Wow!" yet, but one thing that did kind of perk my ears up with interest was hearing Al Ewing would be writing a, "Guardians of the Galaxy," comic. First of all, if you're thinking, "Didn't that just relaunch in January of this year?" then you are correct, it did with Donny Cates writing and Geoff Shaw illustrating. It has been good but is ending after 12 issues making it honestly more of a maxi-series in retrospect. Secondly, you may be thinking, "Al Ewing is that really good writer who's finally getting more fame thanks to his great, 'Immortal Hulk,' run, yes?" and you would be right on target again with your questions. 

Al Ewing is a stellar writer and he has a stellar artist on the book with him too, Juann Cabal. The latest relaunch is January 2020 (a year since the last relaunch) and hopefully this version will run for more than just twelve months as I love Ewing's writing and Cabal draws some darn pretty images too. Even if nothing else especially fascinating happens at NYCC this year at least this was cool to hear.

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