Wednesday, October 30, 2019

John Witherspoon Has Died

I know that people die, it is basically one of the only things that all human beings have in common. That said, it sucks when really cool people leave us, and John Witherspoon was pretty damn rad. He did some serious roles, but was best known for his hilarity in flicks like, "Friday," or on television programs such as, "The Wayans Bros." His voice-over work for, "The Boondocks," was incredible as well, with his Granddad Freeman having a perfect mixture of caring, sarcasm, and world-weariness. Anytime Witherspoon appeared on the screen you knew it was going to be good, with his scenes in, "Soul Plane," making the movie at least bearable (it's a bad movie). He passed this week at age 77 and will be missed.

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