Thursday, October 24, 2019

I'm Sick

Me, basically.

So...I'm sick. At first I thought my allergies were just a little bad, but by Wednesday the fact my stomach was so upset, my throat was killing me, and I could not breathe made it apparent I must have caught a bug. Clarkson has been feeling pretty poorly too, coughing a whole bunch which is no fun for him. Samii is currently healthy and I am refraining from kissing or hugging her which is really hard as I love her a lot, but part of love is knowing that smooching your spouse could make them sick and therefore fighting the urge to show them affection that way. Whenever it gets cold this seems to happen to some degree, but it is especially nasty this year. At least when I get a sinus infection (which seems to happen every two years or so) antibiotics can help. This however seems to be purely viral, so I shall just relax, drink liquids, and sound like Darth Vader when I breathe until this stupid illness is done.

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