Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Many Thanks to Knowlan Photography for Our Awesome Family Pictures!

I will of course sometimes talk about local things I greatly enjoy, be they a stellar restaurant or our local toy and comic shows. Therefore, I wanted to take some time to sing the praises of Courtney Knowlan of Knowlan Photography who did an amazing job taking pictures of our family recently!
Originally our plan was to have newborn pictures, but of course Clarkson came 10 weeks prematurely. Therefore, as we near his first birthday we decided to do some pictures to celebrate his being almost a year old! Mrs. Knowlan was an absolute pleasure to work with and captured a number of stellar pictures of my wife, Clarkson, and myself.
Mrs. Knowlan was very easy to work with, giving clear directions about how to get the best possible picture, and came equipped with a variety of tools--as well as toys to keep Clarkson's attention while we took photos! She also was happy to utilize the props we brought such as the in the above picture where we have Clarkson posing with a cute toy cake.
I just wanted to thank Mrs. Knowlan again for being so incredible and encourage everyone else in the Saint-Louis/Eastern Missouri/Western Illinois region to consider hiring her for everything from wedding pictures, to family portraits, or whatever else you need! Knowlan Photography can be found at this website or contacted via Facebook.

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