Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day/A Short List of Three Sex-Positive Comics

About the Love
Valentine's Day may have become more of an excuse for companies to make money off cards, flowers, chocolate, and other stuff, but at its heart it is about the love we feel for each other. It doesn't have to be the love of two romantic partners, but it can be the love between friends, the love we have for our pets, etc. That said, a lot of the focus of Valentine's Day is on romance and what medical doctors describe as, "Boning." When it comes to comic-books however they often can struggle with the idea of romance and physical intimacy, with violence being something we often see in our funnybooks (a comic could be rated as suitable for all-ages and have arms being ripped-off) but the act of making love only hinted at in all but the most, "Mature-reader," type books. There are some sex-positive titles out there however, with some more informational and others more porny. Here is a really brief list of three sex-positive comics now...

Three Sex-Positive Comics
Chester 500 XYV
I actually discussed the first book that was published in this series and loved it. Another book has come out since of this title that originally began as a web-comic by the talented Jess Fink. The first volume follows a couple where the scientist-husband invents a robot to be physical with his wife as he is busying doing science-work. He however gets jealous once the robot becomes sentient and falls in love with his wife, but things do work out, so don't worry. It sounds really dry and technical but Fink's wonderful illustrations make the story extremely fun. I own the second volume but haven't read it--I am excited for when I find the time to do so, however!

Small Favors
For quite some time if someone wanted to seek-out this great comic by Colleen Coover they had to scour eBay or shortboxes at comic shops. Thankfully, Oni Press republished the whole series under their Limerence line and now everyone can enjoy this all-female story of mystical powers, great humor, and lots of erotic sex. I've spoken with Ms. Coover before about how enjoyable this comic is, so you know I'd recommend it!

Oh Joy Sex Toy
This series by a couple Matthew Nolan and Erika Moen began as a web-comic before it too was picked-up by the Limerence line and has had multiple books published about sex, relationships, and how a couple can optimize their happiness in and out of the bedroom. Again, it all sounds kind of dry but the awesome artwork and stellar humor make it a fun series!

Have a Great Day!
I know there are many, many other sex-positive comics out there on the stands or found online, but I thought a short list of three titles was a good place to start. I encourage you to have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you are celebrating romantic love, the love of friendship, or self-love (take that statement however you want). Whatever the case, the day after today is always a great time to get some highly-discounted chocolates!

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