Monday, February 5, 2018

Stuff I Got--Wizard World Saint Louis 2018

Getting the Goods!
When I visit a con I always am excited to see what treasures I'll find to buy or trade my own stuff for. This year I did not get too many items as I've been downsizing my collection more than anything to make space for Clarkson and all of his stuff. That said, there were still some good finds at the show I wanted to share about.

The Stuff
Signed Books
At this year's Wizard World I was pleased to have multiple creators sign comics featuring their work. Kyle Starks was generous enough to do a little sketch on my copy of, "Rock Candy Mountain #1," as you can see:

Plus Jai Nitz signed his new comic, "Chasing Hitler," for me:

Lastly, the talented Jamie Tyndall signed a variant cover of, "Danger Doll Squad #0," I brought to the show:

Bought Stuff
At this years show I tried and loved the, "Swamp Dragon Hot Sauce," so I bought a sampler pack of all four flavors:

Also, Dan Killeen of Happy Fun Books had his latest publication, Robert and the Robots for sale, so I eagerly bought that to read to my son, Clarkson:

Bill Thade traded one of my old indie comics for one of his, so I was able to pick-up this copy of Richard Corben's book, "Fantagor," to enjoy:

Then, I was super-pleased that Kyle Starks was willing to let me pay for him to draw me a sketch of Moon Knight. It came out amazing and is proudly displayed in my house with all my other Moon Knight stuff now. He really did a stellar job--for example, you may notice how his shadow is a crescent like the moon:

Great Mementos
I did not buy a lot this year, but what I did purchase I am very pleased with, and I also greatly appreciated the creators who signed my books. I have some great mementos from this year's show for sure!

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