Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Website for Bleeding Cool is Overwhelmed with Terrible Ads

I enjoy visiting the popular comic-book gossip website, "Bleeding Cool." Run by Rich Johnston, it can be a good source of rumors. I even once asked long ago about writing for them and they requested I send a writing sample--I never heard back, but that didn't leave any hard feelings as I know my writing-style can at times be barely legible and full of odd opinions and statements. Anyway, I say all of this to make it clear that Bleeding Cool can have some good content...however, the website is an absolute fucking mess of ads.

At first advertisements on Bleeding Cool seemed to sneak-in. There would be little banners here-and-there but nothing too awful. Then it started to get those faux-article links at the bottom about, "Cheap insurance in your area," or, "The secret casinos don't want you to know," and of course, "This woman looks 10 years younger thanks to this crazy tip!" Annoying stuff like that was appearing. Then the auto-playing videos of various shit Bleeding Cool wants to discuss to, "Inform," us about AKA advertise something. It has gotten so bad I tried to navigate the site on my phone and a Goddamn ad for Splenda appeared and took-up half my screen for a good 5 seconds. Seriously, look:

It is to the point where if I want to even visit Bleeding Cool I have to make sure my ad-blocker is on so that I can bear browsing their pages. I know ad-blockers can seriously hurt quality websites that provide free content for view to us consumers and they simply request we put-up with some banner ads, but what Bleeding Cool has done with all their advertising was a step too far many steps ago. It is sad because the site does have some good stuff buried within all the junk. Maybe a balance will eventually be found, but for now keep your ad-blocker software at the ready.

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  1. The ads on BleedingCool are indeed very annoying, and make your browser if you are using a device that's been around for a while.

    BleedingCool has also scrapped the comments section lately, so it's impossible for readers to publicly question articles, especially the endless, one-track rants of Kaitlyn Booth and the puerile writings of Jude Law.