Monday, February 1, 2016

Online Auction to benefit Larime Taylor and Sylv Is Happening Now!

Readers of the blog may recall that I made a post about Larime Taylor and how his wife Sylv is in need of funds to afford chemo (GoFundMe here). Well, my chums over at Comics Heating Up are big fans of Mr. Taylor too and have set-up a series of eBay auctions featuring sketches by an assortment of talent with 100% of the profits going towards assisting Mr. Taylor and his wife.

Original skecthes from Terry Moore, Darwyn Cooke, Jimmie Robinson, Howard Chaykin, and a variety of other talents (as well a pieces by Mr. Taylor) are all currently available for bidders eager to get some stellar artwork and support a great cause.
Larime preparing sketches for the auction!
You can find the auctions here on the Comics Heating Up Website, just click the items that interest you to go over to eBay in order bid, and should the bidding get too high for you, any amount of money helps if you would rather just donate to their GoFundMe.

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