Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Abhay Khosla's 4-Part Review of Comics in 2015 is a Sorely Needed Drubbing of an Industry that Rarely Receives It

One of the debacles discussed by Abhay
On The Comics Journal is a four-part piece of critcism from Abhay Khosla so amazing, so hilarious, and so God-Damned needed that I don't recommend you read it, I request you do it.I cried as often as I laughed while reading these, and bet you will too. As Abhay himself points out in the pieces, the comic industry is so wrapped-up in itself that even the mere suggestion that it is doing something wrong (be that behaving in a questionable manner, allowing harassment to occur, or otherwise sucking at P.R. in general) is taken as a huge affront and insult. I mean, how dare you hurt the comic-book industry and its precious feelings, comics are a legitimate art-form worthy of criticism! How dare you act like they aren't, until you act like they are but say something disliked, in which case, how could you?

Seriously though, Abhay's huge mega-essay is something sorely needed and absolutely hilarious seeing as Abhay is arguably one of the funniest people in the world who writes about comics (along with Tucker Stone). I love comics, I truly do. Sometimes the industry and what it puts out just makes me place my head in my hands and let out a long sigh though.

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