Friday, August 26, 2022

"V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue," is a Cute Promotional Comic-Book

I am a fan of odd and quirky comics, you all know that. Hence, when I was at the veterinarian's office for a check-up on one of our cats I spotted an interesting little comic--one which I obviously got a copy of to take home and read. Titled, "V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue," it is a publication by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It centers on a variety of veterinarians in different positions as they help save the day. 

You've got vets on the farm, army veterinarians, and those involved in the food industry (that section was interesting as I didn't realize some USDA inspectors were in fact veterinarians), among others. Written by Matthew Zingale with art by Leo Perez, it is a cute little comic geared towards kids so that they understand how many different kinds of Veterinarians are out there and how they help. 

Obviously, real-life vets don't have x-ray vision or the ability to shrink themselves into the bloodstream, but they use all kinds of tools that allow them to help animals as well as people. "V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue," is a clever way to have kids read about vets and how they help us. You can maybe find a physical copy of the comic as your own local veterinarian's office or the comic is available to download for free at the AVMA website here.

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