Thursday, August 4, 2022

HBO Max & Discovery+ to Merge, DC is Trying to Make a Plan for its Films, and it is a Gigantic Mess

In news that all sort of relates as it is the same parent company (Warner Brothers), HBO Max and Discovery+ will be merging into a single streaming service the Summer of 2023 (in the United States, at least). Also, DC and its film/television/etc. division has the idea to do a 10-year plan of linked stuff much like Disney/Marvel has had as opposed to their mish-mash of stuff they've been creating for over a decade. It isn't unfair to compare it to their competitor as executive David Zaslav himself said it. 

Big changes are clearly coming from Warner Brothers Discovery or whatever the full company name is now. These big ol' plans clearly do not involve, "Batgirl," sadly. It's a mess or as Comicsbeat's Heidi MacDonald put it, "The DCEU is fine, if by fine you mean a flaming dumpster fire perched on the edge of a volcano full of poison sharks." That sums things up well.

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