Saturday, August 20, 2022

Stop. Making. Your. Games. Dependent. On. Cryptocurrency!

Another day another story about a game that depended on cryptocurrency going bust. "Untamed Isles," was a Pokemon-styled online game but with the addition of cryptocurrency within it as a big element. This resulted in the usual, "Play to earn," buzzwords and lots of people backing it to the tune of half a million dollars on Kickstarter anticipating that they too would somehow make money from the scheme that is crypto (although, as crypto was advertised as an optional element there were some backers who just thought it sounded like a fun game, I do sympathize with those specific backers). This has, as expected, all come crashing down. Development is going, "On hold," in a manner that sounds more permanent than the term, "Hiatus," usually implies. Also, they're broke (they claim) so nobody is getting a refund. The fact that the crypto market crashed did not help the fact they were gambling on it going, 'To the moon," or something.

All I and everyone else can do is emphasize that you should not ever have your video-games be dependent on cryptocurrency. You shouldn't really have anything dependent on crypto if you know what's good for you, frankly. I'd say to let what happened with, "Untamed Isles," be a lesson to folks, but some individuals just refuse to learn.

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