Friday, November 26, 2021

Marvel Cancelled the Luke Cage Comic I Was Excited About

In, "Why can't we have nice things?" news, Marvel canceled that upcoming, "Luke Cage: City of Fire," comic I was excited for. It had writer Ho Che Anderson is making his first comic with Marvel  and the artists were going to change issue-per-issue. The plot centered on Cage fighting against a crooked cop who murders an innocent black man and going against politicians such as Wilson Fisk (currently the mayor of New York City in the comics) whilst the city teeters on the edge of conflict. It sounded extremely topical and interesting.  Marvel canned it.

Anderson wrote in an Instagram post how, "MAN PLANS, GOD LAUGHS: No easy way to say this. I got the word Luke Cage got canceled this morning, one month away from its premiere. The scripts are all written. The first issue is done and is a thing of absolute beauty. Issues 2 and 3 are deep into production. Covers have been drawn. People have gotten excited, and with good reason as far as I’m concerned. I remain as proud of this as any work I’ve ever done. Maybe someday it will be seen. But as of today, this comic is dead in the water. If you want answers I am not the man to ask. My heart is broken. I’m taking a social media break to lick my wounds. Somewhere god is having a chuckle. Enjoy it." The comic is far along and mysteriously gets shut down. Why, though?

Another comic creator who has made some awesome works (and had some rough experiences with Marvel), David F. Walker, wrote in response to this news on his Twitter that, "There are only two reasons a title is canceled this late in the game. #1 - pre-orders were too low to warrant the cost of printing. #2 - someone high up on the Marvel/Disney food chain saw something in the series that didn't sit well with them, and decided to kill it." It doesn't take a genius to think that with the current political and social climate in America that this comic probably touched on difficult subjects. I imagine Marvel (or more-so Disney) did not like that. This stinks.

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