Sunday, November 14, 2021

The November 2021 ToyMan Show Was Stupendous!

Today, I attended the latest ToyMan Show. Run by Chris, "ToyMan," McQuillen, I look forward to every single ToyMan show as I always have an absolute blast! Whether you're after comics, toys, Legos, die-cast cars, dolls, or anything else, the odds are good it'll be at ToyMan. I know I found a ton of good stuff! Anyways, I arrived mid-morning and one of the first folks I ran into was Dustin. He had some absolutely gorgeous, "Marvel Preview Presents," with the first, second, third, and fourth appearance of Star-Lord! Give them a gander:

I proceeded inside where I saw my good friends John Chaffe (of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles) and Tim Metzger. I made sure to say hello to Spike from Lost in Spaces Toys and Collectibles and we discussed a Moon Knight action figure he possibly had one of that might interest me. My friend Tom of Alliance Comics, Toys, & Games was at the show and loaded up with awesome stuff. As I proceeded to wander through the aisles stuffed with goodies I ran into Vince of VK Toys who had some cool comics I purchased. My favorite was this issue of, "Incredible Hulk," which homages, "Where the Wild Things Are." Here it is:

I went upstairs where a ton of my author and creative friends were. I enjoyed catching up with Jessica Mathews about the latest projects she was working on and chatted with Jennifer Stolzer about her latest work. Lindsay Hornsby had more awesome Princess Pups comics for sale and directed me towards the Mega Giganto website for more cool works by herself and her husband. Amy Hale was at the show too and we talked about how we hadn't seen each other for quite a while! We discussed her new thrilling horror book, "Neurosis," I went back downstairs and browsed some more, finding a neat copy of, "Kid 'N Play," #9 at one vendor's booth. Fans of the, "House Party," movies understand why this was cool to find! Here it is:

Before I left in the early afternoon I saw my chum Phil at his awesome Comic Grind bus. It was great to visit with him too! I clearly got some cool comics at this ToyMan show, saw a bunch of awesome creators, chatted with plenty of super folk, and basically had a ton of fun as I always do! The last ToyMan show of the year will be on December 12th at its usual location of 12365 St Charles Rock Rd, in Bridgeton (63044 is the zip code). Mark the date on your calendar and I just might see you there!

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