Wednesday, November 3, 2021

That New, "Morbius," Trailer Dropped Yesterday. It Looks Decent

It feels like it has been forever since the last, "Morbius," trailer, and it has been because it was nearly two years ago the first teaser was released (truthfully, it was pre-pandemic I think). After numerous delays due to COVID-19, the movie is due in January of 2022--unless something else happens. Sony released a new trailer yesterday for the movie and it looks pretty alright. I know some folks despise Jared Leto for one reason or another (he does get way too method with some of his movies like that miserable take on the Joker in, "Suicide Squad," for example), but I'm okay with him. Here's the trailer:

The biggest takeaways are that this clearly involves some of Spidey's foes with Michael Keaton's Vulture being featured again, Venom being mentioned, and therefore Sony is indeed building its own little MCU-adjacent universe if not being directly in the MCU kinda-sorta. As more Spidey-related character movies come out and once the next Spider-Man flick is released in December this should all become a bit clearer. Continuity questions aside, this looks pretty fun. January tends to be cold, boring, and lacking in movies so this won't help with the cold aspect but might help make things less boring & lacking in entertaining flicks.

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