Monday, June 27, 2011

Rant-Reviews--Most Of These Came Out Last Week

Most of these comics came out last week but I finally got around to reading them, so I'm going to review them anyways because it hasn't been a horribly long time like almost a month...except with Heroes For Hire #8. Daken: Dark Wolverine #10, Fear Itself: The Homefront #3, Hulk #35, and Invincible Iron Man #505 are all still kind of new though. I also feel extra cynical today so get ready for some dark humor!

Heroes For Hire #8
Wrapping up some story points while keeping an overall mystery going, this is some fun and zany stuff, with dinosaur fights, demon-weapons, and Spider-Man spouting really bad puns. The overall story of who the mysterious person is that the Heroes For Hire are going up against is also cool and I look forward to watching it develop further as...oh hell, we have a Fear Itself tie-in. There goes the main plot-line. I swear, with almost any main comic we have a normal storyline then Fear Itself bursts in like that person you all avoid at the party because they want you to go to their creepy church that serves lemon squares with imitation lemon but you can't get away and it ends up jack-hammering the story into some new random bull-hockey that we have to put up with for 3 or 4 issues before things return to business as usual because, no, we don't want to go to your church and you need to get the point.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #10
Daken goes to Hollywood, gets high on a drug that fight his healing factor, sleeps with a bunch of people, and kills some fools. Basically, he continues to act like a monstrous person and Rob Williams writes an intriguing new number of plot-lines coming into focus. I'm actually really enjoying this. Also, Marvel quit hinting that Daken is into both men and women and just outright showed him kissing a dude and then lying in bed with him clearly post-coitus. I kind of want to take my hat off to Marvel for having a bisexual character who has more to him than his sexual orientation, but also wonder if it is really positive that the highest profile bisexual comic character is also probably the most sociopathic and evil. Yeah, you don't really want to use Daken as your poster-boy for celebrating LGBTQ characters in comics the same way you can, say, Batwoman, who is gay, and has the positive attributes of not being a complete and utter psychotic murderer like Daken.
4 out of 5 stars.

Fear Itself: The Homefront #3
Yeah, I'm going to stop reading this. I've kind of stopped caring about the Speedball story as its going for this preachy, "we need to care about the whole world" message and is doing something about how technology links people--that would have been creative back in the early days of the internet but isn't that impressive now, plus the Jimmy Woo story is still just plain awful and still has one installment left. As for the stuff that always changes, we have another 1-pager by Howard Chaykin that doesn't just phone it in, it drunkenly-texts us asking if we know anything about that Iron Man storyline in France, and so what if we don't, because it's going to mention it real quickly then vomit and pass-out. The last thing with the hero Cardiac was actually kind of cool, but that was it, so yeah, I'm done reading this because I don't want to pay $3.99 for what started out as a mixed bag, but is now more a soggy bag of disappointment.
2 out of 5 stars.

Hulk #35
More fighting, some stupid message about racism shoe-horned in, a plot with a huge robot keeps getting built-up and I find myself somewhat amused even if this was also pretty disposable compared to the more entertaining and clever earlier issues.
3 out of 5 stars.

Invincible Iron Man #505
Is it sad when the same person writing a main event-comic is doing a better job writing a tie-in? I ask because these issues of Iron Man by Matt Fraction tying into Fear Itself have been actually pretty good with humor, adventure, action, intrigue, and the other stuff that makes the ladies and gentlemen go, "Yeah!" up in this mother, whereas Fear Itself has looked good...and that's about all. What happens in this issue, though? People getting turned into statues, Iron Man realizing this whole "Fear Itself" thing may be putting him in over-his-head, and some genuine disturbing implications that Tony could pick up drinking again. Yes, I know, that crap always gets pulled by Marvel comics, "Look, Iron Man might start drinking again, we swear!" but this time it could actually happen because Matt Fraction seems to be getting to do a lot with stories involving Stark. I mean, we got a tale where Iron Man slowly erased his mind and got to a point where he couldn't remember how to even spell or anything. If we get brain-damaged Stark under Fraction's pen is it that much of a stretch to get drunk Stark?
3.5 out of 5 stars.

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