Friday, June 24, 2011

Gene Colan Has Passed Away At Age 84

In news that saddened me greatly, a comic artist whose work I quite enjoyed, Gene Colan, has passed away at age 84. My favorite work by him probably would be the time he spent with Marv Wolfman doing Tomb of Dracula. It's stark stuff, and Wolfman's prose is pretty "purple" as people would say, but it just looks amazing and is a fun horror comic that Wolfman and Colan did together for an incredibly long time. It is probably the first of Colan's work I was exposed to when I stumbled upon some old Dracula comics and continues to also be my favorite of his work. Colan of course is known for a myriad of other accomplishments and will be missed by many. I have a book Marvel put out a year or so ago called, "The Invincible Gene Colan" that I've been enjoying reading and was going to eventually put a review up of. Now sadly, that review will have to be written in past-tense, with me saying Colan was an amazing artist, instead of being able to say is--as he continued doing art well into his elder years, illustrating a Captain America comic as recently as 2009! This is truly a loss of one of the great masters of the comic art.

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