Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Was Wrong, This Doesn't Suck--Suicide Girls #1 & #2

 Yes this review is safe for work with no inappropriate art shown--although the actual comic does have topless bits, so you probably shouldn't have your kids reading it.
Suicide Girls #1 & #2
In one of my segments where I say what looks terrible in the comic-ordering magazine Previews I discussed the Suicide Girls comic. Then people on the internet tell me it is actually pretty entertaining and outright insane, plus David Hahn and Cameron Stewart are amazing artists who draw really hot-looking chicks who shoot guns and swing around swords. I figure it's the internet so I ignore it, then an employee at a comic shop tells me he thinks its pretty snazzy, but  I write it off as a random person. Then at another comic shop a different employee tells me she likes it because it has a good mixture of weird sci-fi concepts and the beautiful art bumps it up to a, "7 out of 10," in her opinion. At this point I figure the world is trying to convince me to just read the damn comic, so I buy the two issues that have come out and...actually kind of enjoy it. Shit, now I have to admit I was wrong.
Alright, we are in a dystopian future where a company called, "Way*Of*Life," has taken over a lot of...well, life, and this secret group that has been around throughout all of history known as, the Suicide Girls, is fighting against it. They break this girl named Frank out of prison and they want to find another missing girl for various reasons we learn of in an interesting twist at the end of issue #1 that reveals we've had a different narrator than the reader has thought (kind of cool). Oh, and in issue two they infiltrate the Way*Of*Life group after fighting some weird robots.
There are also a lot of topless parts to the comic, sometimes for a good reason--like when one of the girls is seducing an evil Way*Of*Life member, and other times when the comic just sort of feels like it, such as the pin-up art at the back--which is admittedly illustrated beautifully by Cameron Stewart so I can't hate. I mean, this is a Suicide Girls comic, so people want hot barely-clothed chicks, which is one reason I kind of mocked this comic...but with a story that is fun, the well-illustrated action, and yes, really good-looking characters, this isn't terrible--as I was thinking it would be. I guess I just expected a comic of tawdry nude stuff, but instead get a pretty entertaining and quite crazy tale of futuristic robots and evil corporations with hot chicks cutting off robot heads thrown in for good measure.
I said this looked like it would be awful, and it's not. It is a pretty fun story with gorgeous art. I admit it, I was wrong and I apologize. Yuck, I feel gross having to eat my own words--let's hope that doesn't happen again anytime too soon.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

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