Monday, June 6, 2011

I Was Worried DC Was Going To Screw Up Batman

So, DC Announced they were going to have a general Batman book and Detective comics with just Bruce Wayne as Batman now. I was freaking out that this meant Batman Inc. was over with and killed off/written out of canon/whatever. Then, I hear the good news that there will in fact be a Batman Inc. comic with Grant Morrison at the helm and the calm feeling that washed over me was surprisingly strong for something as inconsequential in the greater scheme of things as a comic. I am a little sad that Dick Grayson is back to just being Nightwing, and can imagine a ton of people will be pissed about Barbara Gordon no longer being Oracle and becoming, "cured" of her being in a wheelchair since being shot in the spine by the Joker all those years ago. We don't have many heroes who have a disability, so way to go DC! You are getting rid of one of the few inspiring tales of someone who overcame adversity to not let a disability define her life and instead be a multifaceted individual. Whatever, at least I still get my Batman Inc.

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