Monday, June 13, 2011

I Break Down the New DC Books

I'm going to list the new books DC has annouced by how interested I am from ones I am absolutely going to buy to those I won't be touching with a ten-foot pole. Some I'll just list other ones I'll have a little note to go along. This should be fun...
Must Buy
Action Comics #1
Grant Morrison writing Superman. Yeah, I have to purchase this.

Animal Man #1
 Jeff Lemire writing a character who can be utterly awesome when used well (Grant Morrison was amazing). Yeah, this may be the book I"m most excited for.

Batman #1
 Snyder is rocking the current Detective Comics run he has going, so this should be kickin'!

Batwoman #1

DC Universe Presents #1
 The first arc is about Deadman! I loved Boston Brand in Brightest Day so I'll be getting this!

Green Lantern #1
I'm going to cut down on Green Lantern books and try to maybe just get this one for sure and see about the others.

Grifter #1
Grifter of the Wildstorm Universe! Neat!

Justice League #1
I'll at least give the first arc a shot as Geoff Johns and Jim Lee theoretically should make for an amazing team.

Justice League International #1

Stormwatch #1
Paul Cornell on the Stormwatch team in the main DC Universe? Coooooool!

Swamp Thing #1
Snyder on Swamp Thing...this should be all sorts of interesting.

Will Try The First Issue
Aquaman #1
The Aquaman story in Brightest Day was pretty cool, I'll give this a shot.

Batwing #1

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #1

Green Lantern Corps #1

Justice League Dark #1
Interesting sounding book, terrible sounding name.

 Mr. Terrific #1
I know just a bit about Mr. Terrific, but like him and would be interested to see what a story about him is like.

Resurrection Man #1

Nightwing #1

Wonder Woman #1
It has Azzarello, so I'll check the first issue, but no promises.

Should Be Good But Just Not What I'm Into
All-Star Western #1

Batgirl #1
People are mad about Barbara Gordon walking again, though.

Birds of Prey #1 

Blue Beetle #1

Demon Knights #1

Legion of Superheroes #1
They have Paul Levitz writing this, and though I don't read the Legion of Superheroes much, I know he is the guy you want writing them.

Sgt. Rock and The Men of War #1

Static Shock #1
Static is cool, but I really liked the T.V. show and was never as much into the comic character.

Suicide Squad #1

Superman #1
Superman not written by Grant Morrison. I'll be okay without it in my life.

The Flash #1

 Voodoo #1

Good? Bad? Who Knows?
Batman and Robin #1

Blackhawks #1

Catwoman #1

Captain Atom #1

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1

I, Vampire #1

Legion Lost #1 

Dan DiDio did a terrible job on Outsiders so who knows how things will go here.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #1
If it is Jason Todd as the Red Hood and he is written well and not as a brat, we have a good book. It all comes down to how Todd is written though--well or poorly.

Red Lanterns #1
 Peter Miligan will need to bring his "A" game to turn these somewhat one-note characters into something interesting. Miligan also can be an amazing writer at times though. Therefore, its 50-50 odds in my book whether this will be good or bad.

Superboy #1

Supergirl #1

The Fury of Firestorm #1

Probably Will Be Lame
Deathstroke #1
Is anyone not sick of Deathstroke?

Detective Comics #1
 Tony Daniel is writing it. I like Daniel's art unlike many people. His writing though? Ehhhh.

Green Arrow #1
 The last Green Arrow series by JT Krul went 12 issues and pretty much did nothing. Yeah, I'll pass.

Hawk and Dove #1
Liefeld on this just sounds troublesome. I only like him for very particular things, and this is not one of those things.

Teen Titans #1
This may be good, but those outfits are just so terrible for the solicit it drags the whole thing down.

The Savage Hawkman #1
See above comment about Tony Daniel's writing. Yeah.

Absolutely Not
Batman: The Dark Knight #1
Oh Hell no, DC comics! You think you can have a comic with pretty much the exact same title that gets two highly delayed issues out, needs fill-in artist for a book whose sole purpose was to show off David Finch's art, and then do it all over again? You must think I'm a ninny. Well, I sort of am, but I'm a ninny who learns from my mistakes.


  1. Man, the section that worries me the most is your "Probably will be Lame" and "Absolutely Not." I haven't seen ANYONE picking up these titles!

  2. Can you blame people for not doing them though, especially Dark Knight? I realize now I didn't put in Green Lantern Corps itself. Will fix that....