Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here are a bunch of news links and other stuff.
  • I discussed this in-depth earlier, but the biggest story lately has got to be that DC has announced they are pretty much re-launching everything and releasing all comics the same day digitally as they are on the comic-stands.
  • I like Vinyl records too, and in a weird twist they are now a hip thing sold at stores like Urban Outfitters or even Best Buy because Vinyl has come back with a strange cult following. Plus some records come with a code to get a free digital copy of the album, so you win doubly!
  • First they say cell phones might cause cancer, then it is decided they most likely do not. Now, it turns out that hey, maybe they do!
  • Part 2 of Comic Book Resources interview with Joe Casey can be found here.
  • An independently-made film starring an older Batman with an appearance by Wolverine, all in black-and-white and very noir-ish. You know its right up my alley. It is French with English subtitles that are essentially a direct translation so that is a bit choppy, but ignoring that issue the whole thing is incredibly awesome.
  • As someone who actually played and loved Metro 2033 despite its flaws, I am excited to hear about this sequel and the improvements being made.
  • I sometimes try to be funny in my reviews, but lord help me I will never be as good as Tucker Stone of The Factual Opinion when he does his stuff.

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