Thursday, June 23, 2011

Newest List Of iPad Apps I Recommend .

There are more snazzy iPad apps I've been messing around with, be they games or useful tools, and I thought it would be good to share what I think about them.
Also, to make things easier I'll link you to my first post about iPad apps here and my second post here.
Bamboo Paper
Free until the end of June, this app is like Penultimate and great for writing down your thoughts with your finger or a stylus. The company behind this app would of course prefer you use their stylus but having used the cheaper one I bought at Best Buy some time ago I can assure you any works fine. As of now you can't have multiple "Notebooks" but I imagine they will change that feature in the future to compete with the other apps like Penultimate and the like, so snatch this up while it is still free!

Okay, first note this is meant for smaller i-devices so it looks a bit funny on your iPad but it was so cool I had to include it. It is basically free DJ Mixes via internet radio that are completely legal. Now you can listen to awesome dance, hip-hop, or whatever mix-tapes without having to wander around the internet or worry about breaking piracy laws. This is all legal with copyright compensated and that good stuff covered. It has some hot music jams and you are likely to find a genre, artist, or mix that appeals to you, and it's completely free, so why not give it a shot? I'd say its the most awesome mix-tape source around.

CNN has an iPad app which is a handy way to keep up with the news if you want a pretty objective source. No right or left-leaning usually accompanies an article or video posted by CNN.

Huffington Post for iPad
Now, if you want your news to come with more opinions, with them being a good amount of time left-leaning if we're honest, the Huffington Post has created a beautiful app for the iPad. Even if you don't agree with the politics often it is worth checking out just to marvel at the clever design. The only multi-media-type paper that are probably creating a cooler mixture of content are The Daily (ironically owned by opposite-of-the-political-spectrum Rupert Murdoch) but that costs money and this free, so maybe if the Daily drops the subscription price I'll hop on as I enjoyed my free trial, but for now the Huff-Post wins the attention of my eyes.

Scrabble for iPad
The more expensive version of the iPod Scrabble, this is in HD and while I got it on sale I've spent enough hours playing with friends and versus the computer that I wouldn't hesitate to pay the full price of $9.99. It's Scrabble, the fun word game, but digitized with helpful features like a built-in dictionary and the ability to have the game input the best word for you. It's a real hoot if you're into this sort of game, but if you hate Scrabble don't expect this to change your mind. For you word-lovers out there though, you'll be in hog-heaven. Just remember, learning those words that have the letter "Q" but don't need a "U" after them are really helpful!

MyCongress for iPad
For those of you who follow politics and are curious what a particular senator or representative might think about an issue, this app is quite helpful. You can search the members of congress and learn about their past voting record, read news updates, view youtube posts, see their twitter page if they have one and check contact information. It's all quite interesting and a good way to stay involved and make sure the people who are supposed to represent you are indeed doing so.

Pretty much everyone knows this app--heck, it's been in commercials for the iPad! It is really cool though and if you have an interest in djaying it is a handy tool. I used to mess around with djaying as a hobby and can say that this thing really could let you do a full-fledged DJ set pretty well. It's not completely amazing, but (and I'm going to use some lingo here so bear with me) it's got plenty of options for cueing, you can set up loops, and you can even do split-output with your head-phones and speakers--which if you're trying to set up a good mix is a must so you can pre-cue up your songs. Yeah, this is by no means a cheap app at a whopping twenty dollars (I bought it on sale for 10 though), but if you seriously want to try your hand at some light djaying this is a pretty good tool for a beginner and opens up a world that used to be locked out to everyone but people who could spend tons of money on the equipment for being a DJ. True, you still spent a ton of money on the iPad itself, but you know what I mean. Oh, it also has some features for the iPad 2 that let you mess around with tempo and key even more, so that's cool if you've got the newer version of the iPad--which if you do, good for you, ya lucky soul.

Zombie Smash HD
It's a game where you use your fingers to pick up and fling zombies all over the place. You also get items to help destroy or slow down the zombies. It's fun and violent, but in a cartoon-ish way, I'd recommend giving it a try.

Cool Hunting
I'll admit it, I'm not the coolest guy around. With this app, however, I can stay updated on what the latest happenings are in fashion, design, tech, travel, culture, and just otherwise cool stuff. It's fun and gives you a look at interesting things you might not hear about.

AP News for iPad
Another news app, this one comes straight from the associated press, the organization that many news agencies and papers use for their articles and reports. If you want news straight-up this is a good source.

There we go, I hope you enjoy your apps and remember, if you don't have an iPad its okay, a regular computer is still better for tons of stuff, an iPad is just a fun and handy tool. PC's still are better than Macs when it comes to a computer for me, though. Yeah, I may have stopped hating on Apple all the time because that would have made me a hypocrite, but I still love the Windows.

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